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This is a continuously modifiable web site (wiki) implemented with dokuwiki. Change any page simply by clicking on “edit” box for that page or section of the page. For syntax rules see the syntax page. To test editing, use the playground page. Wiki security is enforced and this is strictly Inova internal today. It requires login to access. The first time you use it, it will ask you to register. From then on, just logon to enter. Note that some areas are restricted to selected users and groups. Dokuwiki implements the concept of namespaces (pages are of the form <namespace name>:<page name>. Generally we implement security at the namespace level. Note that we are regularly extending the functionality of dokuwiki by adding plugins from the approved plugins. The wiki keeps a list of locally added plugins. Read the DokuWiki Manual to unleash the full power of DokuWiki.

Major Wiki Sections

The following are the major sections of this WIKI. NOTE: Please be sure to login.

Other Activities Pages:

  • DMTF Activities - Pages dealing with DMTF activities interesting to Inova
  • Helpful Hints and Tips - This is just a working list of ideas that we think may be helpful to one another. Please put anything interesting here. (Public).

Recent Actions

  1. 25 July 2006 Added Tutorial Wiki Tutorial
  2. 26 July 2006 - Implemented sidebar. NOTE: The sidebar is full of warnings until you log in.
  3. 2 August 2006 - Added News section to WIKI
  4. 6 August 2006 - Revamped the overall namespace structure and added conditional views based on authorization.
  5. 20 Feb. 2007 - Update to new version of dokuwiki
  6. 1 Sept 2007 - Updated to 2007-07-26b version of dokuwiki
  7. 13 dec 2008 - Upgrade to Dokuwiki version 2008-05-05
  8. Dec 09 - Update to Feb 2009 version
  9. 10 Apr 2010 - Update to Dokuwiki 2009-12-25c
  10. 9 January 2012 - Updated to Dokuwiki 2011-05-25a. Note that somehow I messed this one up and copied it all back to the current one so that one is poluted. Just went to the new one.
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