Welcome to Inova Development Inc.

Overview of InovaDevelopment Goals

We are specialists in management standards including CIM, WBEM, WS-Management. Inova Development is committed to working on the DMTF, SNIA and OpenGroup management standards groups. We also help companies with the adoption of these standards. We are specalists in development of CIM based solutions including OpenPegasus. The founders of Inova Development are the original developers of OpenPegasus. Help Pegasus users with the integration of Pegasus and extensions to Pegasus. Develop software products in support of these standards and in particular OpenPegasus.

Inova Development Products

Inova Development is committed to developing a series of products to further enhance the architecture and implementation of management standards. In particular, today we are concentrating on products that enhance OpenPegasus. The products that are currently avialable include
  1. CIMPLE - Provider development environment
  2. Brevity - A simpler client API for Pegasus that overlays the Pegasus C++ API. Brevity has been incorporated into CIMPLE and so is available with the CIMPLE download from CIMPLE
  3. konkretCMPI - API extension and helper functions for CMPI provider development. KonkretCMPI simplifies CMPI provider development with functions that reduce developer code and also provides helper functions for debugging.

Inova Development Services

Pegasus platform Support Pegasus Porting to other OS environments Pegasus enhancements Training in Pegasus development, provider development Training for CIMPLE and Brevity.