Inova Development Products Overview

Inova Development Inc. has developed several products and is committed to developing more products. The products that are currently available are listed below


The CIMPLE provider development environment is an environment for developing providers. It integrates with OpenPegasus seamlessly and allows building providers for either the CMPI or Pegasus C++ interfaces. CIMPLE is open source and the source and documentation is available from the CIMPLE webpages.
CIMPLE is available under the MIT license which allows free usage of the software as long as the copywrite on the source files is maintained if the source files are redistributed. There are no other restrictions.


Brevity is an OpenPegasus client SDK that significantly simplifies the development of OpenPegasus Clients. Brevity is availiable as open source. Whereas CIMPLE today uses the MIT license, Brevity uses the GNU copyleft license.

Brevity OpenPegasus Client SDK

Under Construction. 25 July 2006. Brevity source and information will be available by 1 August 2006